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Details coming soon…



Lofty Living brand representation is so much more than connecting people with products that make them feel and live loftier.  

Curated by Lofty Living is a select collection of brands and products in the aesthetic and quality our reputation has been built on. 

Our success as a brick and mortar retail shop for 11 years was built on selecting, representing and sharing with our customers how to incorporate products and brands that inspired us. 

We understand the importance of brand and product representation on every level, and also the importance of supporting the retailers offering these products. We provide this support through partnering initiatives, giveaways, social media features, creating product awareness, even launch parties + shop pop-ups!

Representing products and brands we believe in is another way we continue sourcing and bringing our customers whom Lofty Living is a go-to for in home decor, fashion, beauty and lifestyle the products they have become accustomed to finding with us.  

We love supporting and making connections between consumers, brands, products, retailers and services.  If you feel your brand or product(s) fits with us we would love to connect with you!


For brand representation, or to become a stockist, get in touch via this form, or email hello@byloftyliving

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