meet the new lofty living...

LOFTY:  adjective  \ ˈlȯf-tē \ loftier, loftiest. 1. exalted in status, spirit, or character; lofty ideals. 2. elevated in style, tone, or sentiment.



In our 11 years as a successful brick and mortar retail shop(s) we brought you the best we could find, and provided countless hours of advice on what you needed and where to find what we didn't carry... after-all no retail store has it all!

With our shared passion for everything aesthetic and on-trend, and our combined 35 years of retail experience, we will continue to provide you with what you've grown to expect (and so much more!) from Lofty Living, just in a different way.

Now, we will be sharing home decor, fashion, beauty and lifestyle products far surpassing our previous shop walls. We'll be showing you what we are currently loving, bringing you our own in-house brands by Lofty Living, while continuing to offer furniture from local manufacturers and suppliers, and representing product lines we love!

 On our Curated Blog, in our online shop, and in your homes with our Design Services, we will be sharing ALL these products with you, how to incorporate them into your own style, guiding you to the shops we love to find them and showing you what inspires us!  

We are all about you feeling and living loftier!


Shelagh anderson

Founder + Managing Director since 2006.  

An entrepreneur by definition, with a natural talent and education in Interior Design.  Shelagh’s clean, simplistic, relaxed personal style and keen eye for all things aesthetic speaks for itself.  Her forward thinking and years of retail management transcended the shop walls and guided Lofty Living into our clients homes and customers hearts, making Lofty Living a favorite go-to for many!




samantha lightfoot

Creative Director + Partner since 2017.

Samantha is the owner of Riot Theory Apparel with a BBA and a minor in Fashion Marketing.  A driven entrepreneur and contributor to everything Lofty Living since 2012, Samantha is an integral to part of showing you what living lofty looks like! Her personal style and passion for modern and minimalist design has helped shape Lofty Living into the company it is today.



Meet the rest of our team...

 Rachel Anderson - Sales & Marketing

Rachel Anderson - Sales & Marketing

 Clara Wu - Interior Designer

Clara Wu - Interior Designer

 Sarah Johnson Perras - Photographer & Owner of Notting Hill Photography

Sarah Johnson Perras - Photographer & Owner of Notting Hill Photography