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Collaborate with us!

Our 11 years of success as a retail shop was based on our sourcing, representing and promoting brands and products that make our customers feel and live loftier.

Now through our online shop and Curated Blog, Lofty Living remains a go-to for home decor, fashion, beauty and lifestyle products, but now instead of purchasing through us... we direct our following to the retail shops, brands, and businesses we love to find all of these products!

We support and work with retailers in partnering initiatives, giveaways, social media features, creating product awareness, even launch parties and shop pop-ups.

Whether you're a retailer, brand, blogger, or designer, we'd love to see if we'd be a good fit!

If you would like to explore how we can collaborate we would love to connect with you!


MR + MRS Collection

A fun product collaboration designed by Lofty Living and produced by the Pillow Fight Factory.


The Initial Necklace

Designed by Lofty Living and handmade by The Pirate + The Gypsy.