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Our 11 years as a successful retail shop was based on our sourcing, promoting and representing brands, products and services that made our customers feel and live loftier. 

Now without our brick and mortar retail shop, Lofty Living remains a go-to for interior design, home decor, fashion, beauty and lifestyle products and services.   Instead of purchasing inside our shop, you'll find all of these products on our social media platforms, on the Lofty Living Love List blog and online shop page, on our Curated by Lofty Living blog, and in our Product Collaborations.

We have designed services and partnership options that allow us to support, share and collaborate with all the products, brands, services, and even bloggers we love!  We want everyone, every person or partnership brave enough to follow their dreams into the self-employed entrepreneurial world to succeed. If we don’t already have a service or option in place for us to help you and your business get where you want to go, we will customize one just for you.

Let’s explore what we can do for you, tell people about you, your brand and products, or even design together! 

We love to collaborate and connect with you!

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Collaborating on products is one of the ways Lofty Living helps share and promote people, businesses/brands we love. Every time we talk about, feature or post about our product collaboration we are sharing your art, craft, trade, service with everyone who has chosen to shop, read, trust and follow along with Lofty Living. We design a product that fits and reflects our and your brand while showing your craft or product line. Product collaborations are an easy, effective, and creative way we help your business and you get where you want to go!


Designed by Lofty Living and handmade by The Pirate + The Gypsy.


A fun product pillow collaboration designed by Lofty Living and produced by the Pillow Fight Factory.



A collection of customizable Tulle skirts for the not so girly girl!

Purchase online through us or purchase through a local retailer. Contact us to become a stockist.