Beach Getaway Essentials


Earlier this month I escaped the Vancouver rain and took off for Los Cabos Mexico for a quick beach break. It was so nice to be able to turn my brain (and phone) off, with my only worry being what drink I would order next! 

As someone who's been to beaches in many parts of the world, there are always some essentials and necessities (and always some extra cute items for the gram) that I can't visit them without!


Nude Flip flops

Easy to throw on and go! Not only do they go with everything, but they'll make your legs look super long!


trendy sunglasses

The John Lennon Frame has been really popular with bloggers & celebrities, but this pink lens is definitely our beach favourite!


Saje cool spray

As someone who doesn't like getting my hair or face wet in pools or oceans, this spray is a life saver! It's also great for day trips and can travel in your carry-on on the plane.


A French baskets beach bag

I never like to sacrifice functionality for style, and with this bag, there is definitly no compromise!


The Chelsea King Nude beach scrunchie

I mean, seriously? With a name like that you HAVE to have it for a beach day!


pina colada sunscreen spray

Smell even better than what you'll be drinking at the swim-up bar!

beach throw.jpg

beach wrap

A cover up & beach blanket all in one!

fresh lip.jpg

sPF lip balm

My lips burn so easily, and this lip balm has been my go-to for years!

coola (1).jpg

SPF 30 makeup setting spray

Protect your skin while protecting your makeup!

st tropez.jpg

Facial tanning oil

I don't always like to tan my face, so this sunless luxe facial tanning oil is the perfect solution!