Coal and Canary Candles


Hand-poured in Winnipeg, Canada, Coal and Canary makes cheeky candles for playful personalities! 

Coal and Canary was born over a glass of wine, which, we can totally relate to! Both Amanda Buhse and Tom Jansen, creators of Coal and Canary, hail from backgrounds rooted in decor and design, and share a passion for quality artisan products that not only look good, but are expertly crafted. One of our favourite things about Coal and Canary is that while their packaging is fun and playful, their actual candle is clean and simple, allowing it to fit in with any decor. 


Obviously, you know we're going to love any company that comes up with "Champagne Flutes & Birthday Suits" as a name for one of their candles (Although we do have to say, our favourite one is probably "Vodka Crans & Elastic Waist Bands"!) While their candle names are hilarious, we appreciate that all of their candles are made with the highest quality soy blend wax and true to scent fragrance oils, which will fill your entire room with fragrance without becoming overpowering.

Their organic and untreated wood wick burns clean, free of smoke and soot, and makes a soft crackling noise when lit (Amanda and Tom like to think of it as your own little fire place!). Coal and Canary candles are hand-poured in small batches with 8 oz. containers that burn for approximately 45-50 hours. 


As avid coffee drinkers (aren't we all?), we've fallen in love with Coal and Canary's Coffee Shop Collection! With sassy and witty candles like "Don't be Chai", "110 Calories", and our personal favourite, "That Hot Barista", how could you not fall in love?! These candles make the perfect gift for all those difficult people to buy for in your life. For those who know that less is more unless it's coffee, this collection was made for you!



This week you could win your choice of candle in their Coffee Shop Collection! To find out how to win, pop over to our Instagram page and find our contest entry post!

xoxo Samantha + shelagh