Two Danes in Denmark


It’s amazing how time flies, and how quickly we get swept up into the daily hustle. This trip happened months ago, and life has been a productive and typically busy blur since. Blog posts and even this quick “photo album” of one of my favorite places, with one of my favorite people, visiting some of my favorite Danish brands has sat un-posted for months.

I was about to, until having to readjust plans, be back on a plane to this place and few others in 1 week, but for now until being on my way the end of November I will live vicariously through my own photos!

- Denmark May 2018 -

This trip I was accompanied by my sister who brought a different kind of needed professional experience to the many meetings. We were last together in Denmark in 2000, so after my 3 trips since May 2017, it felt great to spend time together in one of our favorite places. When not in meetings, we spent our time exploring cities, streets, shops and doing a few “when in Denmark” things. Clearly these pictures are a fraction of the many awesome please and moments we experienced but it gives you (another) glimpse of where I highly recommend going at least once. So a blog post that is better late than never, I hope!

Copenhagen - Vedbæk - Raadvad - Roskilde - Herning - Ikast - Hammerum - Silkeborg - Aarhus

XO Shelagh

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