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I wouldn't have properly "treated" myself with inspiration without another trip to the house doctor ShowLAB in Ikast, Mid-Jutland, Denmark.  Yes, I follow them closely for inspiration (a little closer to stalking actually), but nothing is quite as medicinal as 400 square metres of their collection curated in a way that cures any ailment.  

Run by three siblings who share a creative gene, who believe in the fact that beautiful interiors enhance your passion for life, and that everyone deserves a healthy home.  Using their in-house designed products, they prescribe materials, surfaces and colours that make us feel comfortable and relaxed.   They have just the right remedy for creating a unique and personal style for our homes. 

House Doctor gives us a boost with their playful approach to mixing elements rather than trying to match them all up, and at the same time hope to inspire us to seize moments everyday to recharge, just as the doctor ordered!

Below is my teaspoon of sugar (a tour of their showLAB through my lens) to inspire you to take their medicine, and allow house doctor to give you a daily vitamin boost for a more stylish, inspiring and personal home.  

I'd highly recommend keeping your prescription refilled!


my current house doctor PRESCRIPTION

Of course it's only a glimpse of what I'd take from them, but you can just go to their website to fill your own prescription, view the details, and where to buy your house doctor medication!

 CLICK HERE  to get your fix from House Doctor and shop my favourite finds!

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