Formland Favourite Finds


When attending this show I had no intention of creating a list of my "favourite finds".  However, as the show inspired me, I also found some specific brands, whose collections also inspired and spoke to me and my love for Danish design, the Nordic lifestyle really.

So here they are - in NO particular order (and of course there were more, but one needs to narrow it down), these are what I simply can't keep to myself!

I hope you enjoy them, that they inspire you, and that some of them find their ways into your homes!



Copenhagen Sparkling Tea's are all made from a cuvee of teas, made exactly the same way you make a cuvee of grapes when producing champagne (and are as yummy as champagne too!)  Using only the finest ingredients and high quality organic teas, they truly produce one-of-a-kind delicious teas!




a norDic mindful way of life  

CARE BY ME creates beautiful quality products.  Their use of only natural materials such as cashmere, wool, silk, and organic cotton, combined with the Nordic and Scandinavian minimalist design traditions give both your home and wardrobe a feeling of casual luxury.

These products are made with both the people who wear and enjoy them in mind as well as the women who make them.  CARE BY ME products are HAND and HEART made and I just love that as much as I LOVED ALL of their products!



silkeborg uldspinderi

Silkeborg Uldspinderi threads back to the 1940's. For three generations they have handled wool, from the finest, lightest and softest qualities, to coarse and heavy to keep you warm on the coldest of nights.  

Long known for manufacturing high quality throws, scarves, and cushions made of Scandinavian wool, alpaca and baby alpaca.  The pride, passion and dedication to continuing to provide priceless quality and affordable luxury products is evident. 

Their collection is are exactly what one would expect, they are what lifetime and heirloom pieces are made of.  I personally cannot wait to have one of each (at least)!




Passion for Nordic simplicity, Pure organic linen, Made in Denmark.

Using linen to provide a simple, natural and understated luxury, Ordinary Things has created an exclusive timeless collection of textile products. 

The "Ordinary Things" journey is a cooperation with Danish, Swedish and Austrian craftsmen.  Based on Danish design traditions together they have created beautiful, and sustainable quality home-ware products which fit perfectly into modern Nordic homes.




With a passion for good design Hübsch was formed in 2010 and is now one of Scandinavia's leading home interior brands.

The word happiness is deeply rooted in all they do (have I mentioned how much I love the focus on happy, and the use of the word happy in Denmark!).  They believe that by meeting the day with a smile, and designing unique quality products, they will inspire all of us to create our own happy spaces in the spirit and reflection of modern Nordic design. 

I know that simply the size of their catalogue and number of amazing products they offer makes me happy!




Cocoon Tea Artisans are clearly passionate about and love their tea, and so they should when it tastes as theirs does! 

Using only the best ingredients, organic and pesticide free, they then "cocoon" their teas in pyramid "silk" bags to protect their fine blends and help avoid the mess loose teas can sometimes create.   

I'd say they are doing a very good job in their mission to make it easier to bring organic quality tea into your daily routine, two cans made their way back to Vancouver with me!




Although their collection can be used and enjoyed in your home everyday, Semibasic offers more than just the basics.  

Using only 100% strong plant fibers in woven and knitted textiles, their products are durable enough for the whole family.  Semibasic develops durable high quality home textiles in timeless design and at pricing within reach for everyone.




Everyone and anyone that knows me knows I have a serious love and draw to the sea.  So of course this fun collection of nautical coastal based products had to be mentioned. 

Their pieces are perfect for adding a coastal vibe to your home or life (or for giving to someone else who loves the sea).  A line that simply celebrates and brings a little bit of life at the sea or beach into our daily lives. 

And they have some pretty fantastic prints which I will be adding to some walls in my home!



xo Shelagh