The Scoop on Sweet Skin


One of the most important things for me in choosing what skincare products I use is making sure that all the ingredients are natural. I have very acne prone, and often very dry skin, and have found that anything with chemicals, or ingredients I can't pronounce, isn't going to do me any favours!  Sweet Skin is a one woman show out of Salmon Arm, BC and all of her products are produced in small batches! I'm so excited to give you the scoop on Sweet Skin and why I'm absolutely loving this line of all natural skin care products! 


First, their makeup remover! 

The first Sweet Skin product I was drawn to was their makeup remover (I had never heard of an all natural makeup remover!) Before trying the Sweet Skin makeup remover, I had been using the Lancome Bi-Facial Double Action Eye Makeup Remover for years. The Lancome makeup remover costs $39.00 for a 125ml bottle, and there are definitely ingredients in there that I've never heard of and can't pronounce. In contrast, the Sweet Skin makeup remover comes in a 118ml bottle, and contains only four things: witch hazel, rose water, fractioned coconut oil, glycerin. Oh, and the best part is, it's only $14.00! Often all-natural skincare products and brands are extremely expensive. I could barely believe how reasonably priced all the Sweet Skin products are!

I asked Aurora if this makeup remover would take off my waterproof mascara (you need to wear that stuff when you're addicted to the bachelor) and she told me that I would be surprised that something so natural could remove all of my makeup, even waterproof, and she was SO right! Not only does this makeup remover smell amazing, it works well for sensitive skin. Simply shake it to mix up all the natural goodness, put some onto a cotton pad, then wipe off all your make up! As someone who swore they would never be able to switch from the Lancome makeup remover, I'm happy to say I have been proven wrong!

Ingredient Benefits:
-Witch Hazel: Removes excess oil & helps acne
-Rose Water: Fresh smell, soothing, removes oil and dirt in pores, helps reduce irritation/redness, & tones
-Fractioned Coconut Oil: soothing
-Glycerin: moisturizing

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Sweet Skin's Emu Oil Face Cream was such a nice surprise!  Facial moisturizers and I have a complicated relationship, I can never seem to get one that is just right, and believe me, I have tried MANY!  One of the main ingredients in this moisturizer is Emu Oil, which is a very high-quality oil that has amazing benefits for your skin. This face cream is unscented, and is nice and thick but doesn't feel heavy on your skin. With all-natural benefit-packed ingredients, and at only $12.00, I highly recommend it!

Ingredient Benefits:
-Emu oil: Healing, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, helps to improve aging skin
conditions, anti-inflammatory, & even has pain relieving power
-Jojoba oil: Helps dry and chapped skin, soothes irritation, creates a protective barrier, is a source of vitamin e, & is great for sensitive skin
-Almond Oil: Skin softening, soothing, helps prevent acne, source of vitamin A, & helps to unclog pores
-Apricot Oil: Improves signs of aging, tones, source of vitamin A, softening, & moisturizing)
-Oat Protein: skin softening, soothing, & anti inflammatory

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Two other products that are must tries from Sweet Skin are the Face Mask and the Exfoliating Sugar Scrub. I use face masks once a week, and found that the Sweet Skin mask is gentle enough to use even twice a week. My favourite thing about it is that it comes in "mud form" while a lot of natural masks come in a powder that needs to be mixed with other liquids before you can use it. I used this mask on my T-Zone and as a spot treatment to help clear out my pores.This mask leaves your skin clean, hydrated, and exfoliated, plus it smells like lavender, and contains only 6 ingredients:

Ingredient Benefits:
-Bentonite clay: Removes toxins, reduces inflammation
-Moroccan Lava Clay: Reduce Dryness, improve skin clarity, smooths and improves dry skin
-Almond Oil: Skin softening, soothing, helps prevent acne, vitamin A, unclogs pores
-Apricot Oil: Improves signs of aging, tones, source of vitamin A, softening and moisturizing
-Lavender essential oil: Soothes redness
-Tea tree essential oil: Helps blemishes and acne, has added vitamin E.

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The exfoliating sugar scrub is what started it all for Sweet Skin.  Just over a year ago Aurora made peppermint vanilla sugar scrubs for her Christmas work gift exchange, and soon after, people were asking her to make them for Christmas gifts they could give their family and friends.  What started with sugar scrubs being sold in cute little mason jars, grew to new recipes and products; as Aurora says, "it very quickly evolved into this little business that I love so much!" Aurora noted that looking back, the scrubs couldn't have been that great because she's since learned so much more about ingredients and has created much better recipes. We couldn't agree more, because her sugar scrubs leave your skin feeling so smooth and soft!

The Sugar scrub is perfect for everyday use from head to toe (yes, even your face!). These scrubs come in sugar or salt depending on how course you want it to be. If you prefer a more course scrub the salt is for you, and is perfect for those dryer spots like your heels or elbows. Both scrubs help to exfoliate, moisturize, and refresh your skin. I like to use the scrub right after shaving because it leaves my skin super soft! Use both of these scrubs in the shower when your skin is damp (a little goes a long way) and rub it in circular motion all over your skin. Once the sugar has dissolved, rinse off and pat your skin dry. You don't want to wash or dry off all the skin loving oils you just put on, so let it soak in to moisturize even more. These scrubs come in many different scents (scented with essential oils or natural flavouring) including Sweet Coconut, Lavender, Chai Tea, Citrus, Vanilla, or my favourite, Ylang Ylang and Eucalyptus.

Ingredient Benefits:
-Sugar: Gently exfoliates
-Coconut Oil: Moisturizing
-Almond Oil: Skin softening, soothing, helps prevent acne, vitamin A, unclogs pores
-Apricot Oil: Improves signs of aging, tones, source of vitamin A, softening and moisturizing
-Vitamin E
-Essential Oils (or natural flavouring): No nasty fragrances used!

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xo Samantha