12 Hygge Days in Denmark



hygge (pronounced "hoo-gah")

refers to a quality of cosines and comfortable conviviality, a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture); "a pleasant and highly valued everyday experience of something nice, cozy, safe and known, personal wholeness.  Collins English Dictionary defines the word as "a concept, originating in Denmark, of creating cosy and convivial atmospheres that promote well being".


Although these posts are a "little" delayed, it feels like yesterday I was "hyggeligt" in Denmark, and I'm already ready to go back!  

My connection to Denmark starts with half my family being Danish, years working for a Danish owned Scandinavian furniture company, and in my early twenties my heart lead me to Denmark and for years exposed me to the hygge culture and everything else about Denmark I fell in love with. 

Denmark is a very special place for me and a place I connect to.  Danish design and the Nordic lifestyle with it's clean lines, uncluttered spaces, textures, tones and natural elements, it's creation of calm spaces with so much room for being happy and hygge with family and friends, all of it just speaks to my soul.  

So yes although things like windshield parking dials, stop signs, aspects of grocery shopping etc, etc, take some getting used to, smørrebrød (the Danish open-faced sandwhich), hot dogs, vibrant cities, walking streets, beaches, country roads, small towns, windmills, summer houses, canasta, wine, schapps, akvavit, tea, the hygge culture, the people and so much more, all keeps me coming back.  

The past 2 years brought a lot of questions and big decisions surrounding Lofty Living; how to get back to doing more of what I love, you know, the reasons I started Lofty Living in the first place, and how to incorporate more of that with what I learned and grew to love while being a brick and mortar shop for 12 years. 

It was last May in Denmark that answered some of those questions, and was the beginning of finding this new path and direction in myself and Lofty Living.  So although going back to Denmark right after relaunching Lofty Living appeared crazy timing to some, for me, and Samantha, who knows me all to well, the timing couldn’t have been better.  

My simple hyggebo (cozy cabin) was the perfect home-base for my travels to other cities, showrooms, shops (sweet ones like below), and attending the Formland Nordic interior & design show. With my fire going it was so peaceful I could almost hear the snow fall as I spent hours taking off and adding to my endless 'new" Lofty Living to do lists.  

Of course being back in Denmark and totally immersed in the culture, design, and fashion while wandering streets and the halls of the FORMLAND Fair, I found even more to inspire and ground me in my new direction.  I could have done without eating and drinking what I shouldn't have been, but it was all exactly what I needed, when I needed it!  

Pictured below is what made my "12 dage hygge i Danmark" 

Aarhus - Ikast - Herning - Vejers Strand - Formland Nordic Interior + Design Fair - House Doctor - Bloomingville - Meraki - HubschLâLâ Design, Mode & Interior Butik - Kathrines Have - Kahler Te & Kaffe Galleriet - HAY

As always, thank you Denmark, for making me feel at home, taking such good care of me, and filling all my reservoirs back up!  Can't wait to be back! xo

Stay tuned for more posts to come on the FORMLAND Interiors + Design Show, Danish design brands, and Nordic design trends and influences!

xo Shelagh

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